This is my 4th year at Beyond Ball and I’ve been involved with our 17U teams every year. I played for John since 5th grade so I was more than happy to help out at Beyond Ball right after my freshman year of college. I played at ADM High School and Coe College where I recently graduated this spring. I wanted to start coaching because I had so many bad coaches growing up. There’s definitely a shortage of quality coachies in all of youth sports so I figured I would take the opportunity to give back where I could and give the kids a coach they would actually enjoy playing for. As someone who is currently playing college basketball it’s been much easier for me to connect to high school players because I just recently removed from the AAU scene and am able to give them advice to help them get to the next level. I encourage players to use the game of basketball as a tool to build the life skills that are required to be successful in whatever they choose to do after basketball.