Beyond Ball is a non-profit program that uses basketball as a catalyst to transform the lives of youth in the Des Moines metro area.

Our goal is to use the skills and discipline of basketball to shape children into responsible and disciplined young adults.

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BeyondBall is a place where youth from various economic and ethnic backgrounds come together and work towards a common goal. It’s a place where skill, dedication, and hard work are instilled and result in opportunities that they may not have had otherwise. Our mentors and trainers walk alongside our student-athletes and promote self-care and education first, and basketball and athletics second. We care about each and every child that comes through our doors and provide them with mentorship, meals, tutoring opportunities, and athletic scholarships.

We Make Others Better (#MOB)


BeyondBall creates an environment where each and every person is valued, no matter their background. All are welcome in our doors!


The Food Program was created in October 2014 when our staff and trainers noticed a pattern of children asking to grab snacks from the concession stand after practice. Through the generosity of many families, we began to provide dinner 4 times a week to over 40 children. In the last three years we have served over 13,000 meals!


The Mentorship Program is focused on strengthening the community of support for each child. Each mentor relationship is different, but all are essential to the development of the student. For more information on becoming a mentor, please contact John Lamb at [email protected].

How Do We Do It?

College Visits

We served our youth in 2017 by providing lodging and transportation on 17 college visits across the United States, including Iowa, Ohio, Kentucky, South Dakota, Nebraska, Missouri, North Dakota, Texas, and Kansas


Beyond Ball goes beyond the court and into the classroom. We assist with private school tuition for some student athletes in our program as well as study hall tutors, and ACT prep classes.


We have provided medical and dental assistance for student athletes in need. This includes regular check-ups, vision exams and contact lenses, as well as regular dental cleanings and specialty dental services.

Family Support

We walk along side our Beyond Ball families and help however we can, whether it be a water or electric bill that they need help with, or monthly rent.

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